1000 Great Wines – That Won’t Cost a Fortune from the World’s Best Wineries is a great book for people that;
a) love wine but don’t want to spend their savings on high end booze
b) love wine and drink lots of it either because they have loads of parties or just ‘enjoy the taste
c) love wine but don’t know much about it
d) all of the above.

This hefty hard cover from DK is an essential guide to the best affordable wines, telling you everything you need to know about buying and enjoying wines from the best wineries in the world, without breaking the bank. Put together by Jim Gordon, a veteran wine journo and a long list of wine experts, this substantial handbook will expand your knowledge and demystify the world of wine. Despite the size and extravagent title, 1000 Great Wines is not at all overwhelming. It looks at popular grape varieties explaining their particular characteristics and what styles of wine originate from them. You’ll get a world tour of popular and emerging wine-growing regions and what varieties they boast. Deepen your enjoyment and appreciation of wine by reading up on selecting the correct glassware, achieving ideal serving temperature and even learn how to host a wine-tasting event. This wine-lover’s companion will teach you how to navigate your way through a restaurant’s wine list with confidence and discover more about food and wine pairings that will help you choose the best bottle for your next meal.

Designed for the novice, this book is fun to read and easy to understand. You’ll never again overspend on your drop of choice and will finally look as if you know what you’re on about. With lots of nice photos and images of the bottles you’ll now be in search for next time you go shopping, 1000 Great Wines would make a great gift idea for any food or wine enthusiast.