If your idea of the finest bacon dish in the world is a bacon sandwich, then this book will certainly change your views.

It’s an American book, which explains why the authors think a bacon sarnie contains Worcestershire Sauce, no doubt pronounced Wossessesterererer Sauce, but I’ve never heard of that happening. I mean it’s too liquid, isn’t it?

They do make the valid point that our bacon is a cross between US bacon and’Canadian bacon’ a point worth bearing in mind when you try the recipes. American bacon is what we call streaky and  comes from pork belly, one of the fattiest parts of the pig.

Our back bacon is cut from the loin, so the meat is much leaner. In fact, because our bacon comes from the’wrong part of the pig’ it can’t legally be called bacon at all in the USA.

So knowing the book is all about streaky, what delights does it have?

Plenty. Around 50 recipes guaranteed to turn you into a porker. Deep fried bacon wrapped brownie bites, Peanut butter candied bacon ice cream, Bacon wrapped fried ravioli and Creamy bacon lasagne to name just a few.

Mocha Latte Bacon Pancakes, Apple Bacon Chicken Pies, Fully Loaded Bacon Beer Cheese Fries, Bacon Chili Verde Pulled Pork and even sweets like Maple Bacon Gingerbread Roulade.

If you like your food salty, sweet and fatty then you’re well in here. There’s also information on curing your own bacon and a reference section covering bacon festivals, food trucks and restaurants. Only really useful of course if you live in USA.

The author owns the online bacon store baconfreak.com and runs a bacon blog, of course, called bacontoday. Apparently she is still in the best of health, although it’s hard to believe.

All the recipes are tempting in the way that this kind of kidult food always is, as long as you put your mind in neutral and just wanna say’awesome’ as the massive flavour bomb hits.

Personally, I’ll still always take a bacon sandwich out of preference but Bacon Freak is certainly the bible for bacon lovers and will make many a street fooder drool uncontrollably.