Georgia Pellegrini‘s book, Food Heroes: Sixteen Culinary Artisans Preserving Tradition, gives wonderful insight into the world of foodies who have given their all to preserving traditions. From Bill Best the seed librarian and aptly named Marian Bush the forager, the book moves from one character to another and is interwoven with delicious recipes to inspire and feast upon. Georgia Pellegrini provides a wonderful account of the history of each of the colourful characters and the passions that have awarded them their Food Hero status. My particular favorite, Ugo Buzzio, one of the last makers of dry cured sausages in America, and self confessed ‘salami soldier’. His wonderful recipe for Guanciale has had me looking for pigs heads ever since!

Georgia Pellegrini is well placed for dishing out culinary wisdom. Since her childhood in the Hudson Valley she’s been passionate about food. Her Food Heroes book crystallises the reasons why we should look after the world’s culinary heritage. Although for the most part US centric, it’s ideal for any devoted foodie or epicurean traveler to dip in to and devour.