Tibits at Home is the first time the Frei brothers have put their ideas into book form, and for fans of the food they serve up in the Heddon St venue, it will be a gift.

The Frei brothers, who along with the expertise of renowned restaurateur Rolf Hiltl, opened the doors of their vegetarian ‘fast-food’ restaurant Tibits over ten years ago. Since opening a site in London, their no-fuss approach to vegetarian cuisine has become quite the trend-setting cuisine for celebrities and city folk alike.

Tibits recipes have a clarity of flavour that might not be suitable for novice vegetarians who are still smothering everything with cheese and surviving largely on bread. Presenting meals that highlight the purity of quality ingredients, Tibits at Home is 80 per cent vegan content, and aimed at the more experienced vegetarian who is looking for recipes that employ the use of a variety of grains and combine a sometimes unorthodox array of ingredients and flavours.

Borrowing from a variety of cuisines from all across the globe, the book presents 50 recipes by season. This seasonal assembly of meals highlights the importance of sourcing seasonal produce and it also doesn’t hurt the aesthetic of the book either.

With a lovely clean, simple look to complement the recipes, Tibits At Home is as much about style as it is substance. Photos sourced from within the homes of their loyal customers, the book celebrates the simple pleasures of beauty, health and exuberance in a collection of images to inspire ambience and recipes to enliven anyone’s home cooking repertoire.