Vegan, sorry’plant based’ cookery books keep on coming, it’s a bit of a glut. Here’s one that is well worth picking


When you have to feed a lot of people, vegan cooking can be less attractive option. After all, a big joint of meat is always simple and there’s always plenty to go around.

Jessica Prescott, a New Zealand food writer now based in Berlin, has plenty of vegan recipe ideas to feed family and big groups of friends.

You’ll find lots of tips on store cupboard essentials that help make it easy to put together meals in a hurry, and sections on Brunches and Pitstops; Grazing and Finger Food; Barbeque; Planning Ahead and much more.

Put together a One-Pot Black Bean and Lentil Chili, then serve it the next day, how easy is that? Make a Pumpkin Pizza, serve Summer Rolls, create easy pickles, mayos and dips

We rather liked the sound of Baked Almond Feta with Balsamic-Roasted Grapes, and the Crumbed Chickpea Burgers, as well as the Butternut Lentil Lasagne. The Persian Love Cake got a lot of love too.

We actually made her Great Shepherd’s Pie using our allotment golden beetroot and courgettes, but we substituted soy sauce for her vegan Worcestershire sauce, real milk for soy milk and Parmesan cheese for her something nutty involving edible yeast. Whatever that is. Sounds a bit too Holland & Barratt for us.

It was very good dish and easy and quick to make. It was a bit murky to look at, but still delicious. The potato and sauerkraut fritters we tried went down well, too.

There are over 70 plant-based dishes here, some quick and some that require enjoyable time in the kitchen, and ones that help involve the kids and ones that get the guests all making a contribution.

The book’s a nice handy size to have around the kitchen, and while the photography is not great – overly fussy and cluttered – it does give a good idea of what you can look forward to on the table.

You don’t have to be hair-shirt to be a vegan, these recipes show plenty of variety can be enjoyed and by all the family too.

 If you’re not ready to go all the way vegan, the recipes can be enjoyed by vegetarians simply by putting in the dairy equivalents of the plant-based ingredients.

A tasty book and one that continues to prove the fact that a plant-based food doesn’t have to turn you into a culinary vegetable.