It seems that wines these days are getting stronger and some of you might be looking for lighter options for those summer afternoons in the garden, whether just relaxing with a glass or two or to accompany that al fresco meal. Or maybe you’re just conscious of the units you’re getting though each week and would like to cut those down, as well as the calories, but still enjoy wines with your meal or as a slightly decadent treat on a summer’s afternoon. We’ve sampled three Banrock Station wines at 5.5% by volume and a fourth at 12%, and these might just suit a change of regime or be the right thing for that long summer afternoon garden party.

Banrock Station Moscato 2009, 5.5% by volume, has green apple gooseberry and grapefruit on the nose with some minerality, together with some creamy sweetness on the nose. It’s an effervescent wine that’s quite sweet, with a fruity tang. The flavour on the tongue put me in mind of apple pie filling, there’s some passionfruit there also and a hint of lemon. It’s a white with some good length on the palate. The Moscato would go well with fruity desserts and maybe some richer dishes that demand fruity sauces, like duck. This might also be ideal for those who just prefer a sweeter wine with their meal.

Available at Tesco stores at a RRP of £5.49

Banrock Station Pink Moscato 2009, 5.5% by volume, gives you grapefruit and melon as you lift it to your nose as well as notes of lemon. As you drink it there’s a tangy acidic sweetness, strawberry comes through, as does some slightly edgy cranberry and there’s a background of yellow fruits. Like the white, this is also effervescent on the tongue and leaves you with a fruity aftertaste. This rose would also go well with desserts, but could also be paired with prawn or poached salmon starters and light salads.

Available at Tesco stores at a RRP of £5.49

Banrock Station Shiraz Rose, 5.5% by volume, has big strawberry and vanilla on the nose. As you taste it the strawberry flavour is distinct, but other red fruits, raspberry and redcurrant come through. It has a fruity sweetness but some acidity to it. It’s a wine that leaves you with those fruits in its length, the redcurrant lingering well into its finish. This is another wine that would go well with nibbles and light salad dishes as well as being enjoyed on its own.

Available at Morrison, Sainsbury and Asda stores at a RRP £6.19

Banrock Station Columbard Chardonnay, 12 % by volume, has tropical fruits on the nose as well as green grape and citrus. As you taste it there are fresh acidic tangy yellow fruits, tropical fruits come through as does some pineapple notes, there’s some nice body and creaminess to it. It’s a wine that has some good length to it. It would pair with chicken and fish dishes and summer salads, it would also stand up to some Asian dishes as well as being a perfectly fine quaffer on its own.

Available at Morrison Sainsbury and Asda stores at a RRP of £6.19

So if you are looking for some lighter wines for your summer drinking one or more of these wines might well suit your palate. For more information about their wines go to the Banrock Station site