Fine beverage merchants and importers, Bibendum have taken over the exclusive UK distribution of cult South Eastern Australian brewery, Coopers.

Founded in 1862 by cobbler, stonemason and dairyman, Thomas Cooper, the brewery continues to be owned and managed by the fifth and sixth generations of the Cooper family.

Famed for its Pale and Sparkling ales, Coopers uses only the finest quartet of ingredients, malt, hops, water and sugar, and no preservatives, additives nor chemicals. In Australia, each bottle carries a ‘best after’ rather than a ‘best before’ date.

Coopers has a long association with the wine trade. One advert in Australia features several top winemakers testifying to the quality of Coopers with the tagline, ‘the beer the wine trade chooses’.

Bibendum Spirits & Beer Manager, Nick Rodgers told Foodepedia: ‘Coopers is a fantastic family-run brewery and its ales enjoy a brilliant reputation in the UK drinks trade. We are delighted they have joined forces with Bibendum and look forward to working with them to increase distribution and brand awareness amongst discerning beer drinkers.” He added: ‘Interest in real ales and speciality beers is on the rise in the UK and Coopers are perfectly placed to capitalise upon this.”

The Pale Ale has an RRP of £1.65 and the Sparkling Ale and RRP of £1.85.

For more information: Bibendum Wines.