Taylor’s, Croft and Fonseca have created a list of ‘Credit Crunch Ports” to satisfy palates without breaking budgets. Priced under £10, both Croft Indulgence and Taylor’s First Estate are two fruity reserve ports that go well with cheese or dark chocolate.

For a richer fruit flavor, Taylor’s Late Bottled 2003 Vintage was designed especially for British palates and costs just a bit more at £11.99. And for buyers searching for hand-crafted vintage ports, Croft’s 1997 Quinta da Roeda carries a vanilla-spice flavor. Available at Threshers and Majestic for £17.99, the sweet port is available pre Christmas in a smart wooden box. For £12.98, Asda carries Taylor’s ten-year-old Tawny, with spicy, citrus aromas and a nutty, fruitcake palate that goes well with mince pies and Christmas cake. Majestic lists Taylor’s twenty-year-old Tawny at £22. This port is more expensive than its younger sibling because of its complex fig and raisin aromas. Both ports can be chilled and will keep for up to six weeks after opening.

Top of the line Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas is a 2001 vintage with a plummy smell that hints of violets. This fruity port costs £22.