To celebrate the festive season, the makers of Gordon’s gin have teamed up with Gordon Ramsay to create The Ramsay G&T – a fresh twist on the classic gin and tonic featuring a dash of cranberry juice.

The Ramsay G&T will be available at Gordon Ramsay’s Taste of Christmas – a celebration of the best in Christmas food, drink and entertaining – at London’s ExCel centre from 4-7 December. At the show’s Spirit and Wine Theatre, guests can also learn how to match and serve Gordon’s gin with a variety of Christmas dishes.

Alternatively, you can make The Ramsay G&T at home by following the guidelines below:


50ml Gordon’s gin
Fresh bottled tonic
50ml cranberry juice
Plenty of ice 12/16oz high ball glass
Wedge of lime to garnish


Fill the glass with ice, add the ingredients, stir and squeeze one lime wedge into the drink