November is the World Vegan Month, to celebrate we are sharing a brand name of vegan cookies you might not have heard of yet – Floozie Cookies.

Floozie Cookies is a plant-based cookie brand that makes freshly baked stuffed cookies and delivers them nationwide. But they do have a café in Covent Garden and a temporary pop-up at Harrods in London with plans to expand via franchise to US, Kuwait and Egypt.

Founded in 2020 by pastry chef Kimberly Lin, who honed her pastry skills in some of London’s big kitchens, including Claridge’s, The Corinthia and Dominique Ansel Bakery.

Floozie Cookies offers a menu of 100 percent vegan stuffed cookies in five signature flavors plus montly special flavour. We put the cookies to the test.

The ironic can you tell it’s vegan or not. All 6 fvavours were tested including Cinnamon Crunch, Chocolate Chunk, Celebration, Pecan Pie, Triple Chocolate, and gluten-free options Black Forest, and Peanut Butter & Jam as well as a monthly changing seasonal flavour.

My first sample was Triple Chocolate. It’s a good sized cookie with a generouse filling and an amazing sugary smell.

It’s not overpowrengly sweet with just the right amount of chocolate chips. And I would not have guessed it was vegan.

Next on the list was Celebration, with its pink colour and colourful sprinkles it certainly stands out from the crowd. It’s filled with raspberry jam. The biscuit inself doesn’t have overpowering flavour, just sweet to allow the raspberry jam shine.

With all the Floozie Cookies you can really feel the weight of the filling inside. They don’t look it but they certainly have a great deal of filling inside.

Then we tried Peanut Butter & Jam, similarly to Celebration it comes filled with raspberry jam. The dough itslef it very nutty bursting with peanut flavour, very rich and quite textured as a result of the nuts.

Pecan Pie was probably the sweetest with a date caramel inside and quite granulated and grainy texture to the dough. We actually thought it was toffee flavour wise because of its caramel richness. 

My niece’s favourite was Double Chocolate, its very rich with sligth dark chocolate bitterness. It comes filled with a smooth milk ganache and toped with an almond. The milk is vegan of course made with shufa powder, also known as tigernuts, a popular dairy alternative.

We also tried Blackforest, which is a dark chocolate cookie filled with sour but not too sour cherry compote. It’s very fudge like in texture. That was my other niece’s favoutire. Dark chocolate always goes well with cherries.

Floozie Cookies are made well. We couldn’t say either of them were vegan. They have a fairly good ingredients list too. The only shame is they do use palm oil, the controversial ingredient that many don’t mind while others keep away from.

Order here or pop into the café next time you are in Covent Garden. The Covent Garden Floozie Cookie Café also offers milk drinks, coffee, vegan hot chocolates and ice cream sundaes. 

Floozie Cookies, 15 The Market Building, Lower Ground, London WC2E 8RE