These Hokan innovative, sustainable, stylish, stoneware bowls and lids are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. 

I do have a problem though. My partner has decided they are just too cool and elegant to use in the kitchen and has instead put ours on display in the sitting room.

It’s not unreasonable, the new SeaGreen colour is lovely and there’s something rather zen about their shape which makes them very pleasing to look at, almost calming.

However they are primarily cook/storage/serving ware and very good at it too. This stylish stoneware is dense pottery fired at very high temperatures so making it non-porous and odour and stain free.

The oven-safe bowls warm evenly and retain heat very well. When you cook or bake with the lid on you keep precious moisture in, and the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. Taking the lid off towards the end gives a nice crust or browning and you can take the bowl straight to table. In fact you’ll really want to. You can also use the lids as a side plate.

Whatever you might cook in a casserole – stews, curries, pasta, gratins, soups, risotto and individual pies – you can cook in a Hokan.  Hokan, by the way, is the Japanese word for safekeeping 

Another great feature is that they are supremely stackable, the lids are all the same size no matter the individual volume, which makes them safe to store in a column or to keep leftover pre-prepped food fresh in the fridge. As they’re stoneware there are no nasty plasticky odours to contaminate your flavours. And despite their beauty, they are super tough and durable.

We’ve already used ours for eating ramen and more prosaically, porridge, once I got them back into the kitchen that is.

Hokan Bowls in NEW SEA GREEN, RRP £80 for a set of three or individually: 

  • Small: 400ml, RRP £24 
  • Medium: 600ml, RRP £27 
  • Large: 1000ml, RRP £30 

Available from 

Hokan partner with The Felix Project who help to feed local communities in London by rescuing surplus food from suppliers and redistributing it to over 1,000 frontline charities and schools. For every small bowl sold, Hokan donates 1.5 meals; for every medium bowl, 3 meals; for every large bowl, 4.5 meals; and for every set of three, 9 meals. 

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