You didn’t think you needed a special tool for an avocado? Well, it’s here anyway.

Did you know that when it comes to consuming avocados we Brits come in 2nd worldwide, averaging 3.5 pounds per person per year. Who is number one? Well, rather surprisingly it’s the French who apparently stuff their bouches with an average 5 pounds per person per year

We love avocados because of their unique taste, and the fact that they are packed  with monounsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Where do they come from? Mostly Peru. Like Paddington.

The avocado grows on a tree, which is why it used to be called ‘avocado pear’. This is a good thing as trees are perennial, the same tree crops every year which means farming is a lot easier and sustainable.

And no, Greta dear, avocados do not consume vast amounts of water, unlike cereals for animal feed,  and now smart farming methods are reducing their water consumption even further with advanced computer -controlled ‘drippers’ giving each tree the water it needs and no more.

So why then are we still opening avocados like cavepeople? Cutting around the circumference with a sharp knife, employing that knife to remove the stone by dangerously hacking into the stone and twisting, and then using a spoon to get the flesh out in as much of a single piece as possible. Usually a mess.

Well come up to date with your avocado action with the Microplane Professional Avocado Tool 3  in 1.

I suppose there must be professional avocado shuckers, chefs who make a lot of guacamole perhaps, but us amateurs can also enjoy this new tool so we gave it a go.

The handle we found typically Microplane Soft Touch – solid, ‘rubbery’ and easy to get a good grip on. And it’s a one stop solution  – split, pit, slice, and scoop

The blade is sharp enough to cut the avocado without being a kitchen danger, and is slightly chamfered so it forces the two halves apart as it goes.

The hole in the centre of the tool grabs onto the stone and with a twist cleanly removes it,  while the other side of the blade lets you scoop the flesh out of each half with ease.

Personally I think there are only two ways to eat an avocado – fill the hole with vinaigrette, or with prawns and mayonnaise. I know that’s very 1970s, but hey it works every time. Go retro or go home.

The 3 in one Avocado tool is a modern way to prep your ‘cados. Add it to your armoury.

Find it in John Lewis