A perfect balance of sweet and spicy,it blends the sweetness of one of the world’s most popular and oldest fruits with a blend of aromatic tropical spices including warming cardamom, spicy cayenne, hot ginger, vibrant turmeric and punchy chilli.

This is one heck of a chutney; smooth and fiery and we’ve been ladling it into cheddar cheese sandwiches, ham rolls and on the side with a pork pie.

It’s vegan and it’s gluten free and works well with curries and rice dishes as as well as with leftover cold turkey or roast pork, jerk chicken or fish curry.

Back in 1970, William Tullberg made the first British wholegrain mustard. 50 years on William’s son,
Guy, carries on his legacy. However, that one mustard has matured into eight varieties and over 40
award-winning chutneys, relishes and sauces.

Tracklements Special Edition Hot Banana Chutney, RRP £3.35 for 220g, is available from fine food
delis and farm shops nationwide and online at www.tracklements.co.uk.

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