For Cara, London summer is all about sampling various rosés and seafood dishes in as many terraces of London bars as she can find.

I continue my journey exploring trending London terraces and rosés they offer. Today we went to try Château Minuty Rosé Et Or at the Oyster Shed – a City classic style bar focusing on seafood and English dishes.

This riverside bar with floor to ceiling glass windows to optimise the view is a popular destination, despite being slightly away from the main bar stretch. It has a great outdoor terrace overlooking the River Thames, which was where we settled in on high bar chairs.

Our bar tender promptly brought the Château Minuty Rose Et Or to us. It was a beautiful pale pink with a minimalist white label bottle. On the nose it is very fresh and zesty with white flowers.

Once opened, the aroma matched the taste well: zesty, stone fruit with a bit of white grapefruit. We paired it with pan roasted scallops, curried cauliflower, almond, raisin and coconut.

The dish arrived looking very vibrant, I suppose the cauliflower was mashed as I did not actually see it. It was good, but as I am not a fan of Indian food in general I found it a bit too overpowering with the curry spice taking away the attention from the main ingredient – scallops.

Scallops were cooked perfectly though. We also went for grilled king prawns, saffron, sumac and chilli gremolata, a decent dish, consisting of four shell-on prawns with plenty of spices.

We enjoyed our evening. Oyster Shed has good vibes, the crowd mostly consisting of city workers catching up over drinks.

It’s a good spot for after work drinks, offering a wide selection of cocktails and wines including the Château Minuty Rosés, which I have definitely become a big admirer of.

I met a French acquaintance recently who is all about rosés in summer, nd I am starting to get it: white wine can be too acidic, while red is too warming on a hot summer day. Rosé is the summer wine.

This summer Château Minuty 281, Château Minuty Rose Et Or and Minuty Prestige can be found in various destinations throughout London including the following:  

Louie Restaurant at Covent garden, offering the St Tropez iconic rose with New York and French flair. The Hari at Belgrave set in Mediterranean setting with plenty of seafood options.

And The Jurema Terrace settled in a naturally sustained flora of suspended gardens of jasmine and passionflower, overlooking The Courtyard with soaring Tasmanian Ferns.

The Oyster Shed 1 Angel Ln, London EC4R 3AB