The Bloomsbury Club, is unveiling its Ancient Egypt-inspired cocktail menu paying homage to the ‘majestic splendours of ancient times.’

It’s all very mystical and sounds rather fun with the bar using an unique pyramid and pendulum that’s designed to reveal your ‘destined libation’.

You let the pendulum sway until it reaches a standstill. Beneath the chosen sarcophagus, a hieroglyph awaits with a tale to tell. Refer to the Oracle to discover the drink that fate has chosen for you along with its hidden meaning.  

There’s the Anubis. A sharp, potent elixir that marries Remy Martin 1738 Royal Accord Cognac with Amaro Nardini, infused with sweetness of dates and the spice of cardamom bitters, symbolising a decisive turn of a dramatic new direction. 

The Ren, a clear and compelling spirit. Aged Whistle Pig 10-year-old rye whiskey melds with D.O.M Benedictine and Tio Pepe Fino sherry, enriched by caramel miso and hojicha tea, touched by notes of anise and chocolate bitters, inviting you to reclaim your authentic voice. 

The effervescent Manu, where sparkling sweet and sour citrus notes dance with Belvedere X Vodka, fig sauternes, honey vanilla salep, and Champagne – a beacon guiding you through a perilous passage of which you must stay true to your course. 

And the embracing warmth of Ka, its outstretched arms urging an openness to the vital energies that bind us. Lost Explorer Espadin mezcal is artfully combined with green coffee beans, pineapple, lime and a coconut and rosemary agave, challenging you to contemplate your stance on materialism and indulgence. 


Beneath The Bloomsbury Hotel, The Bloomsbury Club embodies the glamour of roaring twenties London. A hidden world of cocktails, bar bites and live music shared between the, cosy interior bar and twinkling outdoor grotto.

The Ancient Egyptian inspired menu is available from February onwards, so follow suit of The Bloomsbury Set and delve into the secrets of The Self in their most delicious form. 

The Bloomsbury Club 

16-22 Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3NN