Here are some cocktail ideas to accompany your Pancakes on Tuesday for the ultimate Pancake Day treat.  What’s, more the Bathtub Gin is currently on offer in Sainsbury’s and Majestic. 

Bathtub Blueberry Iced Tea

Blueberries in your cocktail to match the blueberries in your pancakes, with a twist of peach iced tea. Brilliant for brunch!


50ml Bathtub Gin

20ml maple syrup

15ml lemon juice

9 blueberries

Peach iced tea

Tonic water


Add 6 blueberries to a highball glass and muddle. Add Bathtub Gin, maple syrup and lemon juice and stir well. Fill with ice then pour over peach iced tea almost to the top then add a splash of tonic water for fizz. Garnish with remaining blueberries on a cocktail stick.

More About Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin is an award-winning craft gin, double infused for extra flavour. 

Hand crafted from start to finish; first an already delicious London Dry Gin is distilled in a copper-pot still, then they take an extra step. They infuse with orange peel and five other carefully selected botanicals over a further seven days, tasting regularly by hand to ensure that distinct Bathtub flavour!

Finally in homage to the passion they create the exceptional gin with, every bottle is hand wrapped, strung and waxed in Kent!

A perfect gin to enjoy in the summer sun. The botanicals provide a lovely spicy note to your Gin & Tonic which perfectly complements the flavours and aromas associated with BBQs.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fresh and bold juniper leads the way with fragrant citrus and cardamom. Notes of fresh orange peel and cinnamon add to an enticing nose.

Taste: Juniper again leads, but there’s plenty more besides. The mouthfeel is thick and creamy whilst the cloves, coriander and cardamom offer depth.

Finish: Here the supporting botanicals really shine with lingering cardamom and orange peel on the tail.

Bathtub Gin

Price – On Offer – Was £31 down to £25

Available from –  

  • Majestic from 24th Jan – 20th February


Chocolate-y orange-y, pancake-y yumness. Have it with a Jaffa Cake Spritz for the ultimate pancake day treat.

Made with real life no-fooling jaffa cakes!


2 tbsp Jaffa Cake Gin

3 tbsp honey

250ml freshly squeezed orange juice (2-3 oranges)

zest 1 orange

50g unsalted butter


Add all the ingredients to a small pan and gently warm through. Add the butter in small pieces and bring to a simmer to bring the sauce together and reduce slightly. Pour over a stack of crepes filled with chocolate for extra jaffa-cakey-ness and serve with a Jaffa Cake Spritz.


50ml Jaffa Cake Gin

50ml soda water


Jaffa cake to garnish

Fill a large wine glass with ice and pour over Jaffa Cake Gin and soda water. Top with prosecco and garnish with a jaffa cake.

More About Jaffa Cake Gin

Bringing together two timeless classics, Jaffa Cake Gin is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and real-life Jaffa cakes. The result is just as you’d expect – full-on Jaffa cake tastiness built around a distinctive base of crisp juniper – perfect for gin lovers with a sweet tooth. It makes a delicious Negroni and as an added bonus you can garnish with an actual Jaffa cake! Because why wouldn’t you?

Nose: Zingy orange (marmalade-esque) is swiftly overtaken by a rich and earthy chocolate undertone. Hints of vanilla-rich cake and just a touch of almondy-goodness. A solid backbone of juniper brings up the rear.

Palate: Jaffa cakes! Perhaps not surprising, but the resemblance is uncanny. Nice balance and great poise. The flavour never oversteps the mark – this is still resolutely ‘a gin’. Delicately sweet – not sickly or in any way liqueur-like.

Finish: The orange-y palate fades into unctuous hot cocoa, and a note of bitter dark chocolate remains to the last, ably shored up by the piney tang from the juniper.

Overall: Does what it says on the tin, this one. Nicely integrated, and extremely crowd-pleasing.

Darkness Espresso Cocktail

For those who like a sherried whisky, the Darkness 8-year-old single malt is the one for you! It’s first matured in ex-bourbon barrels, before spending 3 months in specially-coopered Oloroso sherry octaves. These small casks mean bigger flavours – think candied orange and amaretti biscuits, with a warming toastiness to finish.

Nose: Candied orange peels, chocolate peanuts, cooking spice warmth and some dried cherry.

Palate: Amaretti biscuits, subtly toasty hints, powerful raisin and prune, just a touch of earthy oak lingers.

Finish: Slightly oily with a hint of smoke, though chocolatey hints persist.

50ml Darkness 8-year-old

25ml Strong Espresso

25ml Coffee Liqueur

10ml Demerara Sugar Syrup

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake vigorously.  Fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Darkness Drizzle

100ml Darkness 8-year-old

50ml PX Sherry

50g Unsalted butter

3 x Pitted Dates (chopped)

150g Demerara Sugar

Add Darkness and PX Sherry to a pan, carefully flambe’ before adding dates, butter and sugar to the pan.  Once the sugar has dissolved, strain it into a small jug for use.

Darkness 8-Year-Old

Price – RRP: £49.95

Available at