El Galipote is a colourful, flavour-first, Caribbean rum that’s made for mixing.

El Galipote Pink and El Galipote Spiced are available nationwide in Asda stores, offering drinkers a new experience of rum for sipping or bringing a creative twist to cocktails at home.

It’s named after the mythical ‘El Galipote’ Caribbean creature, which legend dictates has the power to transform into any object or animal – as captured on El Galipote’s striking labels which have been designed to catch the eye.


El Galipote Pink
37.5% ABV
Introductory promotional price in Asda £18 / RSP £22

An unusual blend of Caribbean white rum and natural strawberry flavours, El Galipote Pink offers the ideal proportion of sweetness and intensity for a refreshing mojito.

Strawberry Mojito
50ml El Galipote Pink
3 Lime wedges
1 tsp sugar
2 strawberries
Fresh mint leaves
Soda water and ice
Stir to combine and serve

El Galipote Spiced
35% ABV
Introductory promotional price in Asda £18 / RSP £22

An intense new take on spiced rum, combining the rich, deep taste of Caribbean rum with sweet and flavourful spices.|

El Rum Sour
40ml El Galipote Spiced
100ml pineapple juice
20ml sugar syrup
20ml lime juice
Ice cubes

Shake well and serve

El Galipote Spiced Rum and El Galipote Pink Rumis available from select Asda stores across the UK.