Poland’s award winning rye vodka – Sobieski®  – is now at Morrisons

In 2022 Sobieski® once again won a gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

But up until now if you wanted to try this 100% rye vodka you’d have needed to seriously shop about. So it’s good news that this award-winning vodka is now available at a supermarket near you.

You can’t miss it, in it’s striking red and silver livery and rather proud bottle which all pay homage to the inspirer of this vodka the 17th Century Polish King and soldier Jan III Sobieski the Lion of Lechistan (the king of Poland in Turkish)

He even has a room named after him in Vatican City, Italy: Sala Sobieski.

Sobieski® vodka is made from Polish rye and crystal clear spring water, which gives it its subtle scent of matured Polish grain as well as its silky taste.

You can really appreciate the flavour sipped neat, but in cocktails it adds an extra dimension.

If you’re into your vodkas, then have a try of the Lion’s vodka, available in Morrisons for £16