The Nest at Treehouse Hotel London is partnering with British-made spirits brand Sapling, to raise awareness for climate change via a specially curated cocktail menu for World Earth Month this month.

The Nest x Sapling Spirits Cocktail Menu will consist of 4 cocktails, all with a sustainable angle and will list each cocktail’s environmental impact. While en Earth Day (22nd April) there will be Buy One Get One Tree for every cocktail on the Sapling cocktail menu (for every cocktail sold a tree will be planted in Treehouse’s name.

Every booking on Earth Day (22nd April) will also receive a complimentary Sapling + Notpla Ooho (an edible bubble made from seaweed, 100% plastic-free, vegan, & naturally biodegradable) filled with Sapling Vodka and a homemade sustainable mixer.

Treehouse Hotel London’s Beverage Manager, Hugo Maclean, has worked with Sapling Spirits to create four special cocktails.

‘50 Miles or Less’
Ingredients: Sapling Vodka, Londinio Dry, Vermouth, Apples

Environment Impact: This drink is all about locality. The shorter the distance to the source, the less emissions are used by the supply chain. A twist on the classic Martini, replacing the classically used citrus with Apples from Kent. The Garnish is also zero waste, made using the apples from the vermouth infusion.

Ethical Pornstar’

Ingredients: Sapling Vodka, Fair Passionfruit (Eco Spirits), Zero Waste Lime Cordial.

Environmental Impact: Sapling Vodka, Fair is a fairtrade brand, and using eco spirits – a supply chain method to reduce glass waste. Lime Cordial using the previously discarded parts of the lime.

‘Falling Apples’
Ingredients: Sapling Gin, Avallen Calvados, Zero Waste Citrus Cordial, Soda Water

Environmental Impact: Sapling Gin,. Avallen Calvados – Every bottle made removes 2.73kg of CO2 from our atmosphere due to the apple trees used during the process.

‘75 Reasons to Reduce Waste’

Ingredients: Sapling Gin, Beesou, Zero Waste Bubbles Cordial, Soda Water

Environmental Impact: Sapling, Beesou – B Corp, 10% of profits going to Bee Charity. Bubbles Cordial made using sparkling wine which has lost its fizz and would otherwise be discarded.

The Sapling Spirits Cocktail Menu will accompany ‘The Tree Canopy’, a specially curated light installation by famed sculptor and light artist Raphael Daden, situated in the hotel’s entrance lobby and The Nest.