If you’re a fan of great whisky,  Glen Moray’s new release should get your nose twitching.

In fact on the nose there’s coffee, some honey, crusty fresh baked bread and a hint of dried fruits this  Elgin-based distillery’s popular, easy drinking dram. 

The complex and satisfying aroma comes from the whisky’s maturation in ex-Cognac casks: made from oak grown near Cognac’s vineyards in France.

Twisted Vine comes from Glen Moray’s long history as an explorer of unusual cask maturation: a practice their teams have been pioneering right back to the Distillery’s origins in 1897.

The new whisky is packaged in Glen Moray’s signature blue, with a design that features golden grapes and the intricate twisted vines found all around the Cognac countryside.

Meeting Glen Moray Global Ambassador and Visitor Centre Manager Iain Allan online, as I sipped some Twisted Vine,  he told me: ‘The record books show that Glen Moray was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to explore the effects of unusual casks on maturation of our spirit. This playful, pioneering approach to flavour is very much part of what drinkers love about our whiskies today, and it’s why we are so thrilled to be unveiling this wonderful new expression.

‘Twisted Vine is matured in Cognac casks, and all that extra time in such fruity, flavourful wood has created a stunning whisky with a rich but accessible flavour that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s perfect neat as a dram, mixed in a cocktail or as a special gift for anyone looking to put a twist on their classic whisky serve’.

Twisted Vine is available in Asda, Morrisons and Coop stores across the UK as well as specialist whisky and spirits outlets. Bottled in 70cl at 40% ABV, RRP: £28.

Mixologists from four of the nation’s leading whisky bars have put their own twist on this versatile whisky to create a Twisted Vine cocktail in celebration of the launch. Single malt fans can try one of these special Twisted Vine creations at the following: 

  • The Racketeer, London
  • Nauticus, Edinburgh
  • The Gate, Glasgow
  • The Tippling House, Aberdeen

Glen Moray Cask Explorer since 1897