Kavka Estate Vodka uses column still rye and wheat spirits, blended with pot still fruit spirits to create a classic vodka with fruit spirits giving it a depth, complexity and a rare smoothness.  

Once upon a time vodka was seen as vaguely disreputable, Russian firewater good only for getting drunk.

This was of course unfair and vodka’s rebirth as a classy trendy drink can perhaps be traced back to Absolut Vodka who, with their Scandi cool style bottles and smart advertising campaigns, made the drink de rigeur in smart clubs.

Of course vodka is made in various countries, Tyrells even make it here in the UK out of potatoes, but Polish vodka has a particularly long history.

Kavka is a fairly new brand, 2021, that comes in modern packaging (none of your Romanov stuff) and the design features a woodcut of a jackdaw, which is a Kavka in Polish. Kavka can also mean ‘a little coffee’, a phrase often used to buy vodka back when it was illegal. 

All the Kavkas we tried were smooth and rounded with the fruit notes slowly revealing themselves in a kind of marmalade way with a dryness and lemon notes on the back.

Kavka Original is a classic style of Polish vodka that follows the traditional method of blending rye and wheat spirits and then adding some aged pot- stilled fruit spirits – apple and plum. The apple adds sharpness and the plum gives sweetness and depth.

We also tried Kavka Tokaji, a similar blend but aged in Hungarian Tokaji Casks. This is apparently a reference to the classic Polish Starka. When a daughter was born her would bury a cask of spirit and then dig it up on her wedding day. Despite this ‘earthy’ provenance we found Kavka Tokaji to be actually very delicate with great depth.

Kavka Orchard is a sweeter vodka made from plum, apple and fine grain spirits and made in the ancient Polish market town of Sandomierz. The sweetness and depth makes it ideal on its own, in a cocktail or with a mixer.

Kavka Pimms

This Polish Twist On A Pimms makes approximately six cocktails, all you need to do is pour all the ingredients into the pitcher, add ice, stir together and serve l.

[Serves 6]

Kavka Orchard Pimms.jpg

240ml Kavka Orchard Vodka | 60ml Campari  | 60ml Fresh Lime Juice  | Top up with Ginger Ale  | Garnish with Sliced Strawberries, Cucumber, Oranges and Mint Leaves

Fill a jug with ice and add Kavka Orchard, Campari and top with ginger ale. Give it a good stir then add the mint, cucumber, strawberries and oranges

RRP: £29.95 for a 70cl bottle. ABV 38%. Available to purchase from Amazon and Master of Malt.

Website: www.kavkavodka.comInstagram: @kavkavodka