ZONIN Limoneto Spritz, a sparkling wine based drink, brings a feel of Sicilian leisure to the UK customers this summer.

ZONIN Limoneto Spritz is a new premium sparkling wine-based drink, inspired by the Italian culture of Aperitivo Hour.

A blend of Italian white wine infused with Sicilian lemon juice, ZONIN Limoneto Spritz is made using the Charmat method and has an ABV of 11%.

Poured over ice, it creates a refreshing aperitivo style drink.

Limoneto Spritz has already launched in Morrisons in time for its Summer Drinks Festival. It’s also available to purchase on Amazon with an RRP of £10.00.

ZONIN Limoneto Spritz has aromas of lemon zest and citrus blossom with a vibrant palate of creamy lemon thyme and plenty of sparkling bubbles.

It has been created to transport the drinker to the sun-drenched shoreline of the Italian coast, where poolside sipping, long al fresco lunches and the anticipation of Aperitivo Hour are the essence of La Dolce Vita.

It is best enjoyed chilled, in a large wine glass filled with ice, a lemon wheel and an optional garnish of lemon thyme to give it a true Italian touch.

It’s the perfect drink to enjoy on a balcony or garden on a warm summer day.

With over 200 years of history, ZONIN is a Veneto-based brand, a symbol of ‘Italianness’ that preserves, interprets and promotes Italian wine culture at an international level.

At the beating heart of this all-Italian entrepreneurial venture is the Zonin Family.

Over the course of seven generations, it has cultivated, handed down and brought to life unique heritage.

ZONIN brand is focused on the future: care for the territory, enhancement of local wine-making traditions, respect for biodiversity and technical experimentation.

It’s passionate about innovation in production processes and sustainable development.

ZONIN has always been inclusive, welcoming and accessible: throughout its history, thanks to its great quality, ZONIN has become ever-present on the tables of numerous families both in Italy and around the world.

The brand has also achieved nationally and internationally awards over the years.

This made it an influential brand in the wine sector and ZONIN is now acknowledged among the leading wine brands to have exported culture, taste and a flair for beauty around the world.