Like chocolate? Then you’ll love this, the Artisan du Chocolat have a feast of events during Chocolate week so why not dive in and float away on a sea of cocoa love?

Chocolate unwrapped

Where: Mayfair Hotel London

When: Sat 10th, Sunday 11th

Come try new products at Chocolate Unwrapped from exotic Bali bars to s’mores or coated wasabi peas.

Sophisiticated pairings with Clay Gordon and Gerard Coleman

Where: 81 Westboure Grove W2

When: Monday 12th from 7pm-8.30pm

Come to this unique tasting with Clay Gordon, founder of Chocolate life – the largest site for chocolate lovers, and Gerard Coleman, founder of Artisan du chocolat. Try some of the most unusual pairings with chocolate and… cheese, beer, wine, vinegar and even cold meats. £40 per person. Booking by email [email protected]

Meet the chocolatier

Where: Fortnum and Mason

When: Monday 12th from 12-4pm

Come and meet Gerard Coleman who will be sampling some of the 28 bars made for Fortnum and Mason from ground beans.

Test your buds competition

Where: 89 Lower Sloane street, 81 Westbourne Grove, Artisan at Selfridges oxford street

When: all day Monday 12th- Sunday 18th

Do you know your Bali from your Congo or Jamaica chocolate? Can you taste the difference? Take the quiz. Free bar to each customer who matches the bar samples to their tasting notes (limited to 1 per customer per day)

Speed Tastings

89 Lower Sloane street: 3-3.30pm on Tues 13th, Wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Fri 16th, Sat 17th

81 Westbourne Grove: 12-12.30pm on Tues 13th, wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Fri 16th, sat 17th

Artisan at Selfridges:1.30-2pm on Mon 12th, Wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Sat 17th

30 min free tutored tasting of the range of bars produced from ground beans in the atelier in Kent and introducing new origins such as Bali, Costa Rica or Jamaica and sampling of some of the signature chocolates. Max 10 people. Booking by email [email protected]

Personal shopper

Where: Artisan du chocolat at Selfridges, Oxford street

When: Tues 13th and Frid 16th 11-12 and 1-2pm

Book at 20 minutes session with the chocolate personal shopper, Elise Thomassin. She will help you understand and identify what chocolate you like best. £15 per person redeemable against any of Artisan chocolates. This event is exclusive to Selfridges and only includes products from the shop at Selfridges. Booking by email [email protected]

Happy Hour!

Where: 81 Westbourne Grove

When: Mond 12th, Tues 13th, Wed 14th from 5.30-6.30pm

Friday 16th, Sat 17th: from 6.30-7.30pm

Sun 18th: from 3.30-4.30pm

Happy hour, all the chocolate cocktails created with Nick Strangeway at the reduced price of £4.50. Try the cocoa pulp bellini, cupuacu margarita, chocolate martini or favourite the matcha and white chocolate New Orleans gin fizz.

Chocolate tasting

Where: 81 Westbourne Grove

When: Thursday 15th th from 7-9pm

A 2 hours tutored tasting of chocolate bars, chocolates as well as chocolate drinks and nibbles from the chocolateria menu. Sit under the plantation light and delight your taste buds with all things chocolate from cocoa pulp juice to origin bars, couture chocolates, truffles, salted caramels, brownie, ice cream or cocktails

£35 per person. Limited spaces. Book online.

Factory tour and chocolate discovery

Where: Artisan factory, the Long Barrow, Orbital Park, Ashford Kent TN240GP

When: Sat 17th th from 3-6.30pm

Discover the working factory and see the chocolates being made from ground beans to bars and to chocolate. Journey with Gerard through a tasting of the chocolates.

Please note that you will need to fill a hygiene form before entering the production area.

£35 per person, limited spaces. Booking online.

Open factory tour

Where: Artisan factory, the Long Barrow, Orbital Park, Ashford Kent TN240GP

When: Wed 14th th from 3-4.30pm

Tour of the working factory including tasting and goodie bag. £5 per person. Spaces limited. Book by emailing [email protected]