Now that the Holiday period is over and the kids are back at school its a good idea to think about interesting packed lunch options.

According to Mintel, thrifty consumers are foregoing store-bought sandwiches for home-prepared food, with more than half of us now claiming to make lunch from scratch. As well as saving money, creating your own lunch makes it easier to watch your diet too, and so what better ingredient for a healthy and value for money packed lunch than turkey?

Turkey has the lowest fat and lowest saturated fat of any mainstream meat and is high in protein, making it an excellent choice for your family’s lunchboxes. Plus, it contains natural and essential vitamins such as iron and zinc, which are essential for a healthy immune system, and B vitamins, including Niacin, which is associated with lowering the risk of heart attacks.

Bernard Matthews Farms has a range of cooked turkey products suitable for packed lunches, including Turkey Breast Slices. Like the majority of pre-packed meats Bernard Matthews’ Turkey Breast Slices are made from meat that has been minced and then re-formed to ensure it holds its shape and produce perfectly uniform slices. All Bernard Matthews Farms products, are made of 100% British turkey, and we understand that they contain no added colours, flavours or unnecessary preservatives, and meet the FSA’s required salt levels.

Worth considering as a healthy and convenient filler for sandwiches, pitta bread and wraps with fresh greens or raw veggies, as well as being sufficiently versatile to use as an ingredient for lunchbox salads for kids and adults.

You can find a recipe idea for an interesting lunchbox salad on out recipe pages, and for more information about Bernard Matthews products you can check out their web site at