It’s quite a marketing coup the Bonne Maman people have pulled off. We know, when we stop to think about it, that’s it’s a great big company yet somehow they still feel small and friendly.

It’s their jams of course, the jars with that iconic bit of chequered cloth of a type that you imagine is on every French kitchen table, but which in reality probably hasn’t been seen since the war. They are very good jams though, no trip to France was once complete without a few jars stashed in the back of the car on the way back. Now of course they can be found in UK supermarket.

I hadn’t noticed their move into cakes and biscuits though, not until meeting the UK reps at a trade show. There I tried one of their Madeleines, you know the cakes that gave Proust flashbacks, They come in a dinky bag and, get this, each one is individually wrapped so that even when the bag is open each little cake retains its moist freshness. Nice.

That other French indulgence the Galette is also a Bonne Maman product. Pretty much 100% butter they are deliciously more-ish and if they weren’t already decadent enough they also come with a chocolate top and a variant made with maple syrup and pecan nuts.

Since McVities reduced their digestives down to 50% fat thus making them 100% inedible, we’ve been casting about for a biscuit to take their place. These could be well be the luxury answer.

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