Nothing pleases a foodie more than opening their door to a delivery person carrying a food hamper full of everything they love. Caviar House will design a gift box exactly to your specifications, pulling fresh from their shelves just what your loved one was dreaming about as they were writing their Christmas wish list.

Choose from world-famous caviar, Balik salmon fillets, foie gras, and luxurious truffles. For a reasonable price, Caviar House employees will add cheeses, oils, chocolate and preserves. For those essential Christmas toasts, there’s also crisp Caviar House champagne and an extensive range of vodkas. To complete your gift why not add some sourdough bread? Or perhaps some BALIK salmon tartar, refined with crème fraîche according to a traditional Russian recipe. And because no foodie can survive on gourmet treats alone, Caviar House carries a range of non-food gifts to tuck into their boxes. Choose from quality cigars, spirits, and caviar accessories.