According to Theresa Cheung, author of Chocolate Principles to Live By, the candy shape you choose from a box of chocolates can reveal secrets about your personality. “Circle people are warm, friendly, and welcoming,” she writes. ‘[They] love the company of others and . . . prefer to be with friends rather than alone.” But what does your favorite selection from the well-known Belgian chocolate company, Galler, tell you about yourself?

Until recently, Galler chocolates were too difficult to find for such a personality test. The only store to carry Galler’s designer chocolates was Harrod’s emporium. But this year, just in time for Christmas gift-giving, the famous chocolates are only a few mouse clicks away. And the Galler UK e-commerce site will surely please many of England’s chocolate connoisseurs.

But difficult decisions about which Galler chocolate to buy are going to confuse and dismay chocolate lovers around the country. ‘A little of everything please” will be a resounding chorus heard for miles and miles. Because how in the world are buyers going to decide between a box of delicate, floral-scented chocolate pralines, or the ‘Kaori”, an attractive tin filled with thinly rolled chocolates paired with round containers of dipping spices like saffron and strawberry balsamic? Another favourite, ‘Les Marines”, is described by Galler as a chocolate that unifies ‘earthly perfumes with the lightness of air . . . [a mingling] of aquatic flavours with those of the wind.” After struggling to decide between these exotic, mouth-watering descriptions and flavours, direct shipping methods may be advisable to avoid accidentally consuming the Galler chocolates yourself.