Available via Asian Harvest, Gunma Wagyu is one of the world’s most expensive cut of beef, now available to consumers in the UK to bring the restaurant experience to their home kitchens.

Veganaury is almost over, so may we mention meat once more? You see premium quality Japanese wagyu beef is now available to UK consumers.

Gunma Wagyu Beef is reared authentically in Japan by experts who mature Japanese Black cows in stress free environments for approximately 30 months to ensure good quality, high grade piece wagyu that simply melts in the mouth. 

Gunma Wagyu is one of the only wagyu beef providers to offer their customers a variety of portion cuts, using both primary and secondary cuts which means their meat is always tender, juicy and meaty.

Priced from £65 per 200g cut, the Japanese Gunma Wagyu A5 Yakiniku cut is highly marbled giving the meat a unique tender, buttery flavour. The marbling is rich in omega-3 and omega-6, improving the ratio of monounsaturated fats compared with regular beef.

Cooked in seconds, Gunma Wagyu only requires a light seasoning of sea salt and is simply fried for 10-30 seconds on each side in a hot cast iron pan, greased with butter and is paired perfectly with a glass of wine.

Gunma Wagyu Beef is available for home delivery and arrives frozen in vacuum sealed packaging to ensure optimum quality on arrival.

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Available to order now, Gunma Wagyu Beef Yakiniku cut (200g) is available to purchase on Asian Harvest, from £65. Next day delivery is available for orders placed on Monday to Thursday.

Website: www.asianharvest.com