How do you make a great hot sauce even better? Make it hotter of course, but then what? The geniuses at Firelli thought long and hard and thought ‘Add truffle!’

How has this not been a thing before? Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce, has all the sexy glamour of truffle, but combines it with a down and dirty hot spice kick that lifts it off the flavour chart.

Truffle is powerful, and expensive, so only a  small quantity of black truffle has been added to Firelli hot sauce but it’s just enough to give Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce a rich, warm, sweet, juicy heat.

We’ve been shaking the beautiful iconic cone-shaped glass bottle (with its blue cap it’s designed to replicate a vintage Italian fire extinguisher), over almost everything at home but especially pizza which seems made for it.

It works very well with scrambled eggs and a drop in your pasta sauce brings about miracles.

Their second new expression, Firelli Extra Hot Sauce, is a heat monster, as it uses Cayenne Peppers to deliver a burn that is eye-popping but highly addictive. You don’t need much of this bad boy and it’s not for amateurs, but it’s Italian origins mean i’s not just a palate-scorcher but an actual flavour enhancer as long as you go easy with it.

But you probably won’t!

All natural Firelli Hot Sauces are low calorie, gluten free and vegan. Firelli Hot Sauces are also low in sodium (40mg per 5ml) and free from cholesterol, fat and GMOs. Firelli Truffle and Extra Hot are suitable for any diet including Keto, Paleo, low and no carbs. All three Firelli Hot Sauces are best stored in a cool dark place and refrigerated after opening.

Firelli Extra Hot Sauce and Firelli Truffle Hot Sauce join the original Firelli Hot Sauce, which launched in the UK in 2021. The original Firelli Hot Sauce is handcrafted in Parma, from Italian ingredients including Calabrian Chillies, Roasted Red Peppers, Balsamic Vinegar, Italian Sea Salt and Porcini Mushrooms.

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Firelli Hot Sauce RRP: From £2.50 for 148ml Available from: Ocado, Amazon, Booths and

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