Have you noticed that Green Park in London has no flower beds? It is in fact the only park in London not to. But why? 

Foodepedia went to The Palm Court Restaurant at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel to find out. We were doing so over a few new summer cocktails of course, which were inspired by this dilemma.

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel has two bars, one with a more formal and fine dining setting is part of The Palm Court and Park View Suits. And another, Smith & Whistle Bar & Terrace, offers its guests a smart casual setting with an outside terrace overlooking Green Park. 

The summer flower cocktail menu was developed by the former in a bid to bring the flowers back to Green Park. Rumour has it that during his reign King Charles II would walk to Green Park from Buckingham Palace to pick flowers for his mistress. 

When his wife Queen Catherine of Braganza found out she ordered all the flowers to be removed from the park, coining the name ‘Green Park’. And to this day, Green Park remains the only London park without planted flower beds.  

Sheraton Grand’s mixologists have decided to change that this summer by creating three floral cocktails with fresh flavours such as marigolds (Queen Catherine’s Revenge), rose (King Charles’s English Rose) and carnations (Mistresses Martini). 

King Charles’s English Rose is a very refreshing rose inspired cocktail that houses English rose petals with Rose liqueur, maraschino, citrus and tonic. It comes in a large crystal wine glass with a perfectly shaped ice cube. 

It was one of our favourites, very refreshing, perfect for a hot summer evening. 

Our second best, which I was rather in conflict with myself about, because you know she was the mistress and he was the cheater so we should not have liked any of the cocktails except the Queen’s. 

However, on the other side the cocktails created by the lovely mixologists of Sheraton Grand really have nothing to do with the monarchy of the 1650s. 

Sorry to burst the history bubble, but anyway, so our second favourite was Mistresses Martini. It is based on red carnations, clarified watermelon, vodka and red carnation syrup. Despite sounding a tad bit sweet it was rather refreshing and light with a good vodka kick.   

We were not a fan of Queen Catherine’s Revenge but purely because it had absinthe (anise), neither my guest nor myself like anise so that was the only reason. I loved the herbal notes with apricot and the presentation though. 

The presentation level in fact definitely tops the King and the Mistress. It was such a mesmerising yellow colour. Sorry Charles!

In addition to absinthe, it also has yellow chartreuse, apricot brandy and homemade marigold honey syrup. 

We then also got asked to check out the new Queen Jubilee’s cocktails list at Smith & Whistle Bar & Terrace. I was invited to try Lilibet. 

A beautiful tall glass filled with 3 types of rum, kumquat liqueur toped with fresh kumquat. The flavours take you from Fiji to Jamaica. It was like sunshine in a glass. 

My guest was offered a Sapphire Sour – eucalyptus infused Whitley Neil Dry Gin married with orange liqueur, a lavender curacao and egg white. A clever twist on a classic pisco sour and it was such an alluring pastel green colour. 

It was flawless, the eucalyptus made it very revitalising – ideal for a hot day. My guest was suffering from hay fever that evening so she was particularly fond of the cocktail. It was perfect timing really. 

Both of the summer cocktails will be available until 30th September. I definitely highly recommend both of the bars. The Palm Court being a classy establishment ideal for a date, work meeting or just because. And Smith & Whistle Bar & Terrace an ultimate spot with a Green Park view whether you are indoors and outdoors. 

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, Piccadilly, London W1J 7BX