LOVE FOOD is opening a new venue at Leadenhall Market, in June. Using the very latest in food technology, LOVE FOOD will ensure their nutritiously balanced and carefully sourced menu will reach workers in the city with the optimum in freshness and taste.

LOVE FOOD is the first food venue in London to use Husky intelligent fridges, providing customers with an
innovative and hassle-free food on the go experience.

A range of salads, wraps and meal pots will be on offer from the cashless, no-checkout purchase fridges, while LOVE FOOD staff will be on hand to help customers with a bespoke menu of salads, and share the LOVE FOOD ethos of offering carefully sourced ingredients that are produced with love.

LOVE FOOD’s menu will offer delicious dishes that are nutritionally balanced, low in sodium, sugar and
saturated fats. From Breakfast Yoghurt Pots to Rainbow Quinoa Meal Pots, from Sausage Rolls to Kefir Shots,
and Fresh Juices, LOVE FOOD is partnering with award-winning producers who will feature under the LOVE
FOOD Loves banner.

LOVE FOOD is committed to sustainability, including using all recyclable or compostable packaging and sourcing from local suppliers wherever possible.