It’s the all new Smokey Chicken Burger. Crunchy, buttermilk fried, chicken coated in a new flour recipe, exclusively at Byron, aims to create the perfect level of crisp and spice.

So we sent along two of the team to try this bird made from buttermilk fried chicken, smokey pancetta, cheddar cheese, a hit of heat with smoked chilli BBQ sauce, sweet crispy onions, pickles and fresh lettuce.

Verdict? Well the boys felt there was more of that tasty coating than there was chicken, but came back to the office happily patting stomachs before dozing off in front of their Macs. We got ‘comfortably replete’ and ‘ a bit of a blow-out’ from them when they woke up.

Lucky they didn’t try the thick milkshakes! Oreo, strawberry, vegan salted caramel shakes to name a few. 

The new burger joins its buddies, The Clucky, The Bacon Clucky, The C-Rex and crunchy Chicken Strips.

Of course they had the fries too, as well as spectacular onion rings, although Byron slaw, mac and cheese and halloumi fries tried to tempt.

The Smokey Chicken & Fries for £13.95 

Sides from £3.00 and shakes from £5.00