Love muesli, but can’t find the perfect mix? Not anymore! Muddy Cook recently launched a website so muesli-lovers can make their perfect mix from over one-hundred organic, preservative-free ingredients. Customers can even decide on the name of their mix and have it printed on the pack.

“Muddy Cook came about because of my love of muesli and my dislike of raisins,” said owner Claire Lettice. Among the items visitors to her site can choose from are ‘superfoods’, such as quinoa, oats, walnuts, and almonds. To help buyers create muesli rich in nutrients and antioxidants, she added pumpkin seeds, cacoa nibs, blueberries, goji berries, cranberries and cherries. Finding a UK supplier who could provide slowly dried organic apples and pears proved difficult, so Lettice decided to buy fruit direct from the orchard growers and slowly-dry them herself.

The Muddy Cook website contains comprehensive nutritional information, a nutritional glossary, and the origin of all the ingredients. Muddy Cook intends to source as many grains as possible from the UK. Lettice also chooses Fairtrade-certified ingredients when available.. The company’s ethical policy carries through to the paper for packs and card for postal cartons; both are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.

The price of Muddy Cook’s customised muesli is £12/kg (inc.postage and packing) for an average mix. At £1.20 per serving, the muesli gives value for money against other less nutritious breakfast items such as croissants. Comparative price checking for premium mueslis indicates high price elasticity within the muesli category, from around £3.95/kg to as much as £19.51/kg for a granola-style muesli. Each customized muesli is mixed to order and blended by hand. The mixing and mailing operations are being carried out from purpose-designed premises in South West London.

Before launching Muddy Cook, Lettice spent the last twenty years working in marketing communication agencies in London. visit online at