Mymuesli has launched a limited edition Valentine’s Day ‘Love Crunch’ for cereal romantics wanting to tantalise their lover’s taste buds between the sheets this Valentine’s Day.’Love Crunch’ is just what cupid ordered, packed with sensuous and healthy organic ingredients to lift the libido and nourish the heart. And all this goodness comes delivered in specially designed ‘l love you’ packaging.

Lovingly created by the mymuesli team, it has a crunchy oat and wheat base, enhanced with exciting ingredients including energy-inducing amaranth pops and pine nuts said to stimulate the mind as well as the body. To complement, a colourful medley of succulent apricots, apples, figs and strawberries adds a natural sweet touch. If you prefer, you can also create a personalised organic muesli mix to indulge your loved one. Choose from over 70 organic ingredients such as poppy mix power, raspberries, sultana chocolates and cedar nuts and let your imagination run wild by giving it your own romantically inspired name.

Simply order ‘Love Crunch’ from 28 January 2009 onwards from and your muesli will be delivered in six working days. You can also buy mymuesli vouchers. The limited edition ‘Love Crunch’ (575kg) costs £6.65 plus postage. Visit