If there’s one thing we like here at Foodepedia, it’s a nice cuppa java. A Nespresso machine would be just the thing for us as it’s designed for reasonable family use and is cool enough to sit alongside our iMacs.

Nespresso, are apparently a leading innovator in luxury portioned coffee and have a new range of machines for the style-conscious city dweller. Influenced by city life and urban culture, they say the Nespresso CitiZ is inspired by the landscape and ambience of major global cities and is aimed at those who appreciate affordable quality in every aspect of their busy lives. And we are all busy are we not? Or at least desperate to appear so.

Featuring three minimalist and sleek designs, CitiZ, CitiZ&Milk and CitiZ&Co, the new range is the first to include three different models launched simultaneously by Nespresso. Able to fit into the smallest of urban living spaces,or our office, CitiZ will satisfy both convenience and quality; each machine producing the renowned, superior Nespresso coffee at the touch of a button.

The range’s design is evocative of the iconic skylines and buildings of major urban hubs such as London, New York and Chicago, with the structure and colours inspired by the unique sights and shapes found on their streets. Led by renowned Industrial Designer Antoine Cahen, the Nespresso design team sourced materials that symbolise the strength, toughness and grittiness of the city, using eye-catching, shiny metals to contrast with the bright, striking colours.

Nespresso consulted its Club Members to find out their preferences for the new range and created the three machines incorporating different functions to suit the varying tastes of coffee lovers across the world:

• Nespresso CitiZ – a single automatic espresso machine, perfect for the independent, city dweller with a passion for quality that comes with convenience.
• Nespresso CitiZ&Milk – a single automatic espresso machine with a built-in fresh milk-frother – for the coffee lover who favours cappuccinos and lattes.
• Nespresso CitiZ&Co. – the first of its kind, this machine allows the user to make two coffees simultaneously, perfect for those who enjoy entertaining, or the city-living couple who want to enjoy their coffee together.

Nespresso guarantees consistency by sourcing the highest quality of coffee from across the world, adhering to a strict production and storage process, and combining this with its award winning machine design. The 19-bar high pressure pump of each CitiZ machine guarantees the release of all the rich flavours and subtle aromas of the Nespresso Premium Blends, produced at the optimum drinking temperature.

The single CitiZ machine is available in the high-tech style in steel grey and fire engine red by Krups and modern retro style of retro white and limousine black by Magimix. The CitiZ&Milk machines comes in fire engine red by Krups and limousine black by Magimix whilst the CitiZ&Co machines colours are steel grey by Krups and limousine black by Magimix. Prices start at £129 for the single CitiZ machine. The CitiZ & Milk is £179 and the CitiZ & Co is £239.

For further information just go to www.nespresso.com