Mention plastic food boxes and most people of a certain age will say ‘Tupperware’ whose parties I fondly imagined, at 13, were scenes of some kind of adult depravity. The word party in the 70s often conjured up images that involved Germans and weird pop music for some reason.

Anyway, storage boxes were all the rage then and with the current economic climate look set for a come back. Leftover food can and should be saved if possible and we could all benefit from the economy and health gains of making family packed lunches. Trouble is the plastic boxes we tend to buy now are generally unhygienic, difficult to open and close and often leak after a few weeks.

OXO to the rescue with a new range of storage containers, TOP designed to keep food fresher for longer.

The OXO team has apparently spent years testing prototypes to perfect its range of food storage boxes, (what did you do at work today daddy?) eliminating common problems such as leaking lids and difficult to close fastenings, so that each container is as easy as possible to use for the largest spectrum of people.

Each container opens and closes with one easy motion -a simple lift of the white frame on either side releases the seal and one small press again closes the container to keep contents safely stored away.

The secure, airtight seal ensures that food remains at its freshest and prevents leaks even when in transit. With just one press and minimal pressure, the TOP container automatically seals itself all around the lid, keeping the freshness in and the air out

The range is just the job for keeping food fresh on the go, and comes in several convenient sizes for storing crisp, delicious salads, healthy packed lunches and children’s afternoon snacks.

The range is made from clear polypropylene and features a transparent lid so that the contents can be seen from any angle. Each container is completely freezer and microwave safe – just lift one edge of the white frame to steam in the microwave.

All eight containers have a modular design for neat and organized stacking in the fridge or freezer, and nest inside one another whennot in use for maximum use of space.

The TOP containers are BPA free, safe for the top rack of the dishwasher, and are available in eight sizes:

Small square – 0.4L Chopped fruit & veg, children’s snack pots £3

Small square – 0.6L Soup, sauces £3.50

Small rectangle – 0.9L Salads £4

Small rectangle – 1.3L Pasta, rice, fruits £5

Medium rectangle – 2.2L Vegetables £7

Large rectangle – 3L Cupcakes, lasagne £9

Medium square – 0.9L Children’s packed lunches £4.50

Medium square – 1.5L Packed lunches £5.50

Available nationwide from Lakeland, House of Fraser and other

leading cookshops or you can win a set here.