Especially created for Queen Victoria in 1886, these teas are all very elegantly packaged and yet only £1.99 a pack, which means you can have something stylish on your shelf whilst still credit crunching your shopping!

Her Majesty’s Blend:

A blend fit for a queen, sourced from the Worlds finest tea gardens. Assam tea provides strength and colour, blended with the full flavour of high grown Darjeeling and the fine character of Sri Lankan teas. Semi-fermented Oolong tea from China provides the final note with delicate hints of fruit & perfume

Earl Grey:

Delicate and fragrant blend of the choicest teas from Southern India, Indonesia and China with natural Italian Bergamot oil for exquisite refreshment

Breakfast Tea

A rich full bodied flavoured tea from the Assam region of India, blended to perfection with the high grown teas of Sri Lanka

Are there any health benefits derived from drinking tea?

The latest research shows that tea can be part of a healthy lifestyle.
Just four cups of tea a day can deliver health benefits thanks to the antioxidants, fluoride, hydrating properties – and even caffeine – found in tea. Tea without milk has no calories at all, and using semi-skimmed adds just 13 calories plus you benefit from valuable minerals like calcium. A high quality tea like Ridgways, made from leaves from the best tea bushes and blended to create the perfect taste, is even better as the vacuum packed foil locks in extra freshness

What are the secrets of the perfect brew?

The perfect cup of tea has to be exactly the way you like it. Whether made in a pot, mug or cup and with milk, sugar or lemon, everyone has his or her own way of enjoying a refreshing brew. Some hints and tips include:

1. Always use freshly drawn water and bring it to the boil
2. Warm the teapot if you are using one
3. Use a product from the Ridgways range
4. Infuse for at least 3 minutes
5. Remove the tea bags
6. Pour into a white china cup or mug

What differentiates Ridgways from other brands of tea on the market?

Ridgways has dedicated over 150 years to their search for unique and exquisite teas from every corner of the earth and then skilfully blended these into unique flavours to delight even the most sophisticated of tastes

How has the range changed since it was originally launched in 1836?

HMB was introduced in 1886 for Queen Victoria, in 1897 Ridgways were granted a Warrant as Tea Merchants to Her Majesty and then the blend was supplied to the public. It appears also in catalogues & journals for 1913, 1936 and has been sold right up to the present day (but has been absent from the UK market for the past 20 or so years – being an Export product in the mean time). Earl Grey was added to the range between 1940-1950. English Breakfast is a recent addition to the range – although believed to be invented by the Scottish 100 years ago, commonly it started with a base on Congou (strong Chinese Tea) with Pekoe and Pouchong, now it is very much a mix of Assam and Kenyan teas. Back in 1936 Ridgways didn’t have an English Breakfast blend as such, but the catalogue lists no less than four strong Congou teas (probably consumed as English Breakfast Teas)