Hard to believe summer is coming as we look outside, but come it will. And if it’s as hot as it was last year, then eating al fresco is going to be the only way to eat.

Napoleon Grills, the grill and outdoor kitchen brand, have launched two new barbecues for 2023, one a hybrid of two best sellers and the other a brand new compact portable grill perfect for picnics. 

The new Phantom Freestyle 425 SIB merges the entry-level aspects of the popular Freestyle range with the premium matt black finish of the popular Phantom range. This great value gas grill is perfect for anyone starting on BBQing with the signature Napoleon features that are easy to use, whilst giving restaurant quality results.  

It’s not all about gardens and balconies. The brand new TravelQ 240 is designed for bbq food on the go. The single powerful stainless steel burner can cook for up to seven people at once (so space for seven steaks on the grill!) and features signature Napoleon features for a seamless and consistent cook every time. The TravelQ 240 is easy to carry with a lockable lid, light handling and foldable legs. 


o    Featuring stylish matt black finish with satin coating  

o    Get restaurant quality seared steak or sizzle your side dishes with Napoleon’s signature Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ Side Burner, plus 4 stainless steel main burners 

o    Perfect sear marks with WAVE™ porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids 

o    New left hand opening door, and folding right side shelf  

o    ACCU-PROBE™ built-in temperature gauge and soft touch ergonomic knobs. 

o    Instant JETFIRE™ ignition system that lights the main burners with a fast jet of flame easily, every time. 

o    Two large weather-resistant wheels 

o    Includes a multifunctional grilling rack, durable grill chamber made of cast aluminium and heat distribution system made of enamelled steel 

RRP £949.99  


o    Compact and easily transportable design with lockable lid and folding legs for easy storage 

o    Featuring a single Stainless Steel burner up to 2.6kw with a capacity to cook for up to seven people at once 

o    Perfect sear marks with WAVE™ porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids 

o    Instant JETFIRE™ ignition system that lights the main burner with a fast jet of flame easily, every time. 

o    Drip pan accessible from the front  

RRP £199.99 

About Napoleon Grills Signature Features:


Using charcoal is the traditional form of infrared grilling that we‘re all familiar with: glowing briquettes emit direct heat through infrared energy into the food being grilled, giving that mouth-watering smoky aroma and delicious crust. 

With the SIZZLE ZONE™ infrared burners from Napoleon®, you get these benefits plus convenient gas technology: each burner contains thousands of gas outlets that heat the ceramic surface until it starts to glow red. The resulting infrared rays don‘t just warm the ambient air; the heat penetrates directly and deeply into the food. It also creates a consistent thermal area that compared with a charcoal fire, is much easier to control. 

Napoleon® infrared burners produce extremely high temperatures, making them ideal for the preparation of juicy steaks, burgers and other meats. The SIZZLE ZONE™ can also be used as a side burner, and combined with a ceramic heat plate provides the perfect way to prepare delicious stir fries in a wok. 

WAVE™ Cooking Grids  

The unique shape of the WAVE™ cooking grids gives food an attractive sear pattern that can only be found with a Napoleon® BBQ. But the wave shape doesn‘t just give your food an appetising appearance, it also has practical benefits: the wavy cooking grid promotes more evenly distributed heat and also makes it much harder for small bits of food to fall through. 


Igniting a Napoleon® gas burner is made easy by Napoleon‘s unique innovative JETFIRE™ ignition system which ignites each individual burner with a strong burst of flame from a separate gas outlet. This allows for the burners to ignite even in extreme weather. This innovative technology is only used in this way in Napoleon® BBQs. 

Napoleon Grills are internationally renowned barbecue and outdoor kitchen specialists, with stockists across the UK. 

For more information visit Napoleon website and follow @napoleongrillsuk