I am a bit of a sandwich officianado I must confess. I used to make and sell platters of them back in the day. It’s a tough business and people are hard to please, if the bread is wrong or the fillings are too fussy they will tell you about it. When I came into the office and saw a neat little package on the desk, I knew Tramezzino were onto a good thing.

The nifty, cardboard box unfolds like a mini-picnic on your desk, perfect for lunch on the run, a meeting or a picnic. Each sandwich is individually wrapped and numbered and made fresh everday. The fillings come in a range of meat, fish, vegetarian and light. I had 106. Savoury Colebrook ‘English Classic’, slow-roasted beef, pickled cabbage, horseradish mayo, the 304. Caprese, of tomato, mozzarella, oregano and mayo and a 401. Insalata di Pollo with chicken breast, rocket, tomato and yoghurt.

The meat was succulent and the fillings were tasty, colourful, fresh and most importantly generous. There’s nothing worse than a stingy sandwich. I don’t know if was the excrutiating hunger clouding my judgement, but they were pretty damn good sandwiches.

The ordering system and website is easy to use and makes it simple to choose and buy. They even have salads, drinks, cakes and fruit if you want to make an occassion out of it. At £11.95 for a small tramezzino box, you’ll feed 2-3 people, making it fairly decent value for money.

Tramezzino Store 94 Cheshire Street – London – E2 6EH www.tramezzinostore.co.uk