Say goodbye to boring box lunches filled with sandwiches and potato crisps. At UP Box, menu items from twelve different countries offer city-workers an alternative to high-carbohydrate fayre. This week, Chef Ron Laity is adding a Japanese food box to the global menu: Cod with miso, mirin and soy, Japanese rice with enoki and shimeji mushrooms, and mange tout with sesame and pickled red pepper garnish. Laity’s six and a half years working as a chef in Tokyo and Osaka helped him design this meal.

Other meals include Italian slow cooked lamb, Moroccan chicken Tagine or Tandoori salmon with mustard chutney. Side dishes will range from rice and lentils with caramelised onion to carrots and peas with cumin, cucumber raita, green beans and vinegar, or mashed potatoes.

Classic dishes such as beef bourgignon, shepherd’s or fish pies, or Middle Eastern pilaffs will be added to the menu along with the weekly, healthy ‘Feel Good’ box.

UP Box uses fully degradable, recyclable, unbleached cardboard boxes while knives and forks are made from biodegradable wood. The ‘hot’ UP Boxes are priced at £4.99 as an introductory offer (otherwise £6).

UP Box is open from 7.30am to 3pm from Monday to Friday.
Tel. 020 8968 7514