Tesco has expanded its Plant Chef range for Veganuary, featuring a whole array of popular dishes.

Whether you commit to proper Veganuary or are just trying a few meals here and there for a healthier variety, the Plant Chef range has plenty to choose from.

The collection is inspired by international cuisine from around the globe, featuring dishes influenced by food from the USA, India, Asia, and Mexico.

The new and improved Plant Chef range can be found both in store and online in frozen and chilled aisles.

The plant range has plenty to choose from Tesco Plant Chef Sweet Potato Katsu Style Curry to Tesco Plant Chef 2 Mexican Inspired Bean Burgers. 

There are classic hearty dishes such as Meat Free Spaghetti Bolognese (£3.00), which is packed full of lentils, plant protein and mushrooms in a herby tomato and red wine sauce.

As well as Tesco Plant Chef No-Beef Meatball (£2.00) high in soya protein, with both flavours and seasoning designed to create the perfect addition to a bowl of pasta.

My personal favourite was Tesco Plant Chef Sweet Potato Katsu Style Curry (3.00). It’s aromatic with a comforting sweetness from the root veg, not to mention it’s also warming, a much needed quality with the current temperature drop.

The other favourite of mine is Bean Chilli Mexican Style Rice, mildly spiced with a generous addition of beans, sweetcorn and aromatic coriander.

For those missing their Chinese take out there is Sweet and Sour Protein Strips and jasmine rice. It’s soya meat strips, veggies and water chestnuts in a zesty pineapple and ginger rich sauce.

The chilled section also includes Tex Mex inspired Tesco Plant Chef 2 Mexican Inspired Bean Burgers (£1.95).

While the frozen range is all about beans protein and fibre such as:

Tesco Plant Chef 4 Spicy Bean Burgers (£2.10) and Tesco Plant Chef 2 Katsu Style Veggie Crispbakes (£1.75].

There’re also a tempting party food choice of Hot & Spicy No-Chicken Strips (2.10) and Meat Free Southern Fried Fillets (2.50)

And No Meat Meatballs packed with soya protein and conveniently frozen ready for a quick meal recipe.

For those looking for a deal it also should be mentioned that selected products (Tesco Meals 300G – 400G) are available on Clubcard Prices, where Customers can mix and match 3 selected products for £7.50 until 5th March 2024 online and in store in Tesco.