London’s Chinese Cricket Club Restaurant is getting ready for one of the most popular Chinese festivals of the year. The Mid Autumn festival which is also known as the Moon Festival is a colourful harvest celebration that takes place every year on the 15th day of the 8th month.

To celebrate, The Chinese Cricket Club Restaurant are running a 5 day promotion from 20th-25th of September. The offer is for a special three-course meal with classic but modern dishes for £35 a person.

The Moon Festival menu includes Starters of chilled pork belly with garlic and chilli, tea smoked duck salad and Cricket Club lobster dumpling, Mains of kung po chicken and jumbo prawn in Sichuan butter and a traditional dessert of Mooncake with fresh festive fruit.

To book your special Moon Festival meal call 0207 438 8051 or email [email protected].