Auchentoshan distillery is a Single Malt whisky distillery in the west of Scotland. The name Auchentoshan is from Gaelic Achadh an t-Oisein and translates as “the field of the corner”

Shaken over ice with honey syrup and fresh lemon juice, and topped up with crisp, chilled pale ale, Auchentoshan® & Ale contradicts the traditional whisky serve cliché.

Try the serve topped up with a beer of your choice for a different taste each time.


35ml Auchentoshan®A merican Oak or Three Wood

25ml lemon juice

25ml honey syrup

90ml citrus pale ale

Lemon wedge for garnish

(Bitters optional)


  1. Combine Auchentoshan®, lemon juice and honey syrup in a shaker filled with ice
  2. Shake vigorously and strain into a vessel with ice
  3. Top with ale of your choice and garnish with lemon wedge