Much as I adore Maldon Salt, I have always found the packaging a bit trying. Not anymore

mcith_maldon.jpgThe cardboard box, with its inner plastic bag, looks very elegant, but when you’re in a hurry and trying to grab a big pinch of goodness to salt pasta or vegetable water, it tends to be obstructive and annoying.

And trying to get a spoon in, forget it

Well these brilliant big new tubs solve that.

The new resealable 570g tub is flying off of the (virtual) shelves of Ocado.

Now all you need is a recipe and by a mysterious coincidence, we have one

Brommers Prawn Salad from Richard Shepherd – Founder of Langan’s Brasserie



For the salad:

400g best-quality peeled and cooked prawns

2 sticks celery, peeled

1 shredded little gem lettuce

A handful of mixed herbs

Chopped chives, parsley and chervil

For the Marie rose sauce:

1 small tomato

100ml good-quality or home made mayonnaise

25g tomato ketchup

2tsp brandy

Half tsp tabasco

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

To serve:

4 ripe tomatoes

1 tsp Maldon salt

1 lemon

3 tbsp. olive oil

Juice half lemon

Quarter of a large iceberg lettuce

Chives, parsley and chervil

Make the Marie rose sauce first. Deseed the tomato and chop it into small, pea sized pieces. Put two teaspoons of these in a bowl and add the rest of the sauce ingredients. Mix well.

Rinse the prawns and squeeze them dry. Then chop the celery sticks to the same size as the tomatoes, and put the prawns and celery in a second bowl. Add the little gem lettuce and mixed herbs. Then pour in the Marie rose sauce and gently stir the salad to bind everything together.

Prepare the serving ingredients. Cut the tomatoes into wedges and season them with Maldon Salt; cut the lemon into four wedges lengthways. Shake the olive oil and lemon juice together to make a dressing, use it to dress the iceberg lettuce. Divide the iceberg between the serving plates and set the prawns on top. Garnish with the tomato pieces, lemon wedges and fresh herbs.