Ardbeg and DJ BBQ have released a series of online Smoke Sessions, giving Ardbeggians everywhere the chance to take their BBQ to the next level. 

mcith_ardb_bbq-293%5B4%5D.jpgThe Smoke Sessions will see DJ BBQ (aka Christian Stevenson) apply the fundamental Laws of Smoke, Wood & Heat to perfect BBQ dishes and drinks created using Ardbeg Ten, Ardbeg An Oa and Wee Beastie. Find all the sessions:

Whisky Planked and Pit SmokedSalmon and’Bloody Mary’ (Ardbeg An Oa)


·       1 side of organic Scottish salmon, skin on and pin-boned

·       Salt and pepper

·       1 large bunch thyme

·       1 large bunch rosemary

·       1 x large bunch parsley

·       1 x large bunch chives

mcith_Whisky%20Planked%20%26%20Pit%20SalBraised Fennel

·       2 x bulbs fennel, sliced

·       50g butter

·       Water

·       Salt and pepper

·       2 x lemons

Horseradish Mayo

·       5cm stick of horseradish

·       4 tbsp mayonnaise


·       4 slices rye bread

·       Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Special Equipment

·       Ground fire pit or BBQ

·       Dried natural wood for fuel

·       Cedar Grilling Plank

·       Non-galvanised iron/steel nails, cleaned

·       Hammer

·       Large rocks/logs


1.     Light your firepit with the wood and let it burn down to coals. Prepare some rocks or large logs to prop up your fish plank.

2.     Layer up all your herbs onto the plank and lay over the fish, skin side down. Carefully hammer the nails into the fish to secure it to the plank. Season well and prop up next to the fire. Manage the fire by moving the coals near the salmon and turning the plank as needed to achieve an even roast. Add more wood to the opposite end of the fire to burn down and make fresh coals. The fish will need about 25-30 minutes to cook through. You can check by using a fork to see if the thick end of the meat is going opaque and firm.

3.     While the fish cooks, place a frying pan onto the coals and add in the butter. Once melted, add in the fennel slices and roast until caramelised on both sides. Season and add in enough water to cover. Cook the fennel down until the water has evaporated and the fennel is tender. Finish with a squeeze of lemon and keep warm.

4.     Grate the horseradish into the mayonnaise and mix well.

5.     Drizzle the oil over the bread slices and toast straight on the coals until golden, then set aside. Once the fish is cooked, flake off the flesh and serve with the toast alongside the braised fennel and horseradish mayonnaise.



·       50ml Ardbeg An Oa

·       100ml roasted tomato juice w/ garlic, herbs, etc

·       dash hot sauce

·       dash Worcestershire sauce

·       25ml lemon juice

·       12.5ml Pedro Ximenez


·       Glass rimmed with celery salt or black lava salt

·       Dill

·       Grated horseradish

·       (Optional) Oyster drowned in sherry and black pepper


1.     Use the rolling mixing method which is famously used when making Bloody Marys. To do this, combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass, Then, add ice and pour into a second mixing glass.

2.     Repeat the process of pouring and straining from glass to glass a few times, to produce a smooth and aromatic cocktail.

3.     Finally, add the garnish ingredients to maximise your cocktail’s flavour.