The makers of the infamous’Crème Egg Mojito’ have gone one step further this Easter to bring you not one but’a collection’ of chocolate offerings .

Enjoy these Easter delights at Foundation, CORE, Grace Bar and the Gable.

If an Easter out is not tempting  then bring the bar to the sofa and recreate the chocolate box collection from the comforts of home. Follow the easy recipe’s below to drink your Easter pleasures wherever you are spending the holiday:

The Chocolate Orange Martini


–           25ml Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka

–           12.5ml crème de cacao

–           12.5ml Baileys

–           25 ml chocolate sauce

–           100ml Cream

–           5g Marmalade


–          First beat the orange marmalade with the chocolate sauce and baileys. Then add your vanilla vodka and crème de cacao. Blend all the flavours together, pour in a glass and add cream.

The Chocberry Martini


–           25ml Absolut vodka

–           20ml Blackberry puree

–           20ml Raspberry puree

–           12.5ml Crème de mure

–           5ml Gomme

–           12.5ml Crème de cacao noir

–           25ml Single cream


First mix the raspberry, blackberry and crème de mure. Then add your 12.5ml crème de cacao noir and single cream, stir and beat with cocktail stirrer. Add your absolut vodka and gomme and blend all the flavours together. Strongly stir and pour in a glass.

The Cream Egg Mojito


Just bruise the mint sprig and put in the bottom of the glass with the rum and chocolate liqueur. Then add the sugar syrup and lime juice to the mix, add some crushed ice and smashed up chocolate egg and give it all a stir. Top with a little more crushed ice, dash of soda on top and serve with an oozey half of egg!”


–           25ml Bacardi Superior

–           25ml Mozart chocolate liqueur

–           Sprig of mint

–           25ml sugar syrup

–           Dash of lime juice

–           Dash of soda

–           2 chocolate eggs