mcith_Estrella-Damm-Beer-Basted-Chicken-This Autumn, top Estrella Damm Chef Ambassadors, including Andrew Pern (of The Star Inn, Harome), Elizabeth Cottam (of HOME Restaurant, Leeds) and Jamie May (of Hand & Flowers, Marlow) have collaborated with their favourite Meditteranean beer brand on some of their most-loved recipes.  

Estrella Damm Roasted Chicken with Braised Sweetheart Cabbage inspired by Jamie May

Serves 4

2hrs prep and cooking time


1 whole chicken

1.3 litres Estrella Damm

1 litre of chicken stock

50g malt extract

2 sprigs of thyme

Pepper, to taste

Cold water, to cover


1 sweetheart cabbage

Extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp. black pepper

Salt, to taste

100g unsalted butter

100g parmesan grated

1 lemon, zested


1.          Place the whole chicken in a large, lidded saucepan. Cover with the Estrella Damm, chicken stock and top up with enough cold water to cover the chicken. Then, add malt extract, thyme and pepper and cover with the pan lid

2.         Bring to the boil and slowly simmer for 1 hour with the lid on, then remove the chicken from the stock liquid, loosely cover with foil and set aside

3.          Preheat the oven to 240°C. Then, evenly distribute the stock liquid from the pan into two separate saucepans. Heat both pans of stock liquid over a medium heat. One pan should be heated for 45 minutes in order to reduce the liquid to a sticky mixture. This is the gravy. Heat the other pan for around 55 minutes to reduce the stock liquid to a thick consistency. This will be used to glaze the chicken

4.         Use a brush to coat the chicken with the glaze, then place in a roasting tin and roast for 25-30 minutes until golden and cooked through. Once cooked, remove the chicken from the oven and set it aside to rest

5.         While the chicken rests, cut the cabbage into quarters, length-ways and par boil in a pan of boiling water. After 5 minutes, remove the cabbage from the pan and lightly rub the olive oil, salt and pepper over the cabbage

6.         Meanwhile, slowly reheat the gravy by warming in a saucepan over a low heat

7.          Pre-heat a frying pan over a high heat and place the cabbage in the pan. Cook the cabbage so that all sides are brown and a bit charred. Add the butter to the pan, then remove from the heat

8.         Place the Estrella Damm roasted chicken on a serving plate and serve with the braised cabbage, re-heated gravy and grated parmesan. Top with lemon zest and season to finish