Anju, the Korean restaurant, holds a long-term residency at Hackney’s boozer, The Gun.

mcith_AnjuAtTheGun-HighRes-7K8B5106.jpgFittingly,’anju’ is the Korean term for food to be eaten with alcohol. The bespoke menu adapted dishes from Anju’s first residency in Green Lanes to pair with pints at the pub.

Taewoo Kim, Anju’s Head Chef and Founder serves authentic Korean cuisine, inspired by the food from his childhood in Korea.

Anju adds a brand new winter dish to the menu from November 10th. Available Sundays only, ditch the roast and cure a hangover with Korean-style noodle soup.

The Doenjang Ramyun soup made with Korean fermented soybean paste, veggies and a choice of slow cooked pork belly, slow cooked beef or vegan aubergine. Spice, carbs and warmth all in one bowl for just £10 including a shot of Jinro Chamisul Soju.

The menu also features recognisable dishes such the Korean classic, Bibimbap; a rice dish with kimchi and fried egg served with meat or tofu. Korea’s finest export, Korean fried chicken comes doused in Gochujang, the fermented chilli condiment or a honey butter glaze.

Vegetarians are treated to a cauliflower version. Korean BBQ, usually cooked by customers tableside, is modified for the pub with slow cooked meat served in a bento box with all the Korean trimmings.

Other dishes nod to fusion cuisine and Taewoo’s past life in Japanese kitchens; think sushi rolls with Bulgogi beef or braised sweet tofu. Pub staple, Mac and Cheese, is given a Korean makeover at Anju, topped with kimchi, the famous fermented spicy cabbage side dish.

Better known for weekend DJs, The Gun has the relaxed neighbourhood feel that perfectly complements Anju’s comforting, spice laden menu. The first-floor dining space and terrace is an ideal casual eating spot.