Break with tradition this Valentine’s Day and rather than toasting with fizz or gifting a bouquet of flowers, celebrate with the aromatic G’Vine Gin. Hailing from France, the romantic capital of the world, G’Vine is uniquely distilled from grapes of the Cognac region, and infused with precious vine flower

G'Vine bottleCrafted on the grounds of Maison Villevert, a 16th Century family estate set against a backdrop of the lush Charente region, the grape spirit results in a smooth and rounded gin. G’Vine’s signature vine flower botanical blossoms for just a few days a year. It is handpicked before being distilled for a fresh and vibrantly floral finish – capturing the splendour of the vineyards when the vine flowers’ enchanting aroma fills the air. 

A gin that embodies the creativity and joie de vivre of modern day France, whether buying for the gin connoisseur or looking to mix up a cocktail with a difference, G’Vine is the perfect alternative for treating loved ones this Valentine’s Day. 

Le Valentin Cocktail

Le Valentin Cocktail on a barA sophisticated and rich cocktail that’s inspired by a variation on the classic Negroni known as the Valentino. The rounds and smoothness of G’Vine works perfectly with the complexity of Le Quintinye Vermouth and the bitterness of Campari

60ml G’Vine Floraison 

15ml Campari 

15ml La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rogue 

Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice.

Stir, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. 

Garnish with an orange twist. 

G’Vine Floraison (40% ABV)

70cl £38 available from Oddbins

Floral Flavours Fit for Royalty – Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto

Italicus Rosolio di BergamottoThis Valentine’s Day treat loved ones like royalty and romance them with Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, a beautiful Italian liqueur infused with floral flavours, it rediscovers the forgotten ‘Rosolio’ category which was once enjoyed by the kings and queens of Italy as the ‘aperitivo di corte’. 

To start the evening with the timeless Italian tradition of aperitivo, serve Italicus with Prosecco for an alternative toast that provides a taste of Italy with each sip. The unique citrus flavours of Bergamot from Calabria and Cedro from Sicilia are delicately combined with Roman chamomile from Lazio, lavender, gentian, yellow roses, and melissa balm from Northern Italy. 

The result is a light citrus aroma with hints of rose and lavender, whilst the flavour has fresh tones of ripe citrus balanced with a light bitter and floral spice. 

Make at Home: Gallicus 

Bergamotto & Cedro Sour at aqua shard, by Luca Missaglia50 ml Italicus

50ml Prosecco 

Cubed Ice

Three green olives to garnish

Serve in a large wine glass 

Light, refreshing and crisp. Fill glass with ice, pour over Italicus, top with Prosecco, stir then garnish with three green olives. 

Bergamotto and Cedro Sour in a glass on a barDate Night: Bergamotto & Cedro Sour at aqua shard, by Luca Missaglia

40ml Vodka

15ml Bergamotto juice

20ml Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto

10ml Aqua di cedro

20ml Egg white

Garnished with Caramel “Art work”

Shaken cocktail served in a coupette glass, with no ice.

The “Bergamotto and Cedro Sour” immortalises the flavour of the winter citrus fruits Cedro and Bergamot, combining them together to create a perfectly balanced concoction of citrus notes.