Cornish brewery, Sharp’s, has a huge passion for pairing beer and food. To the point that it has launched its own cookbook with recipes from the likes of Nathan Outlaw, Sandia Chang, Alan Bird and many more. 

mcith_Newlyn-Crab-Tacos.jpgEach has their own connection to Cornwall.Here’s one from Ben Prior of Ben’s Cornish Kitchen, an affable bistro-style eatery on Marazion’s main street

Newlyn Crab Tacos Recipe

This fresh, zingy treat is perfect for a light lunchtime snack, or as a starter.

Serves 6

·             200g maseca (corn) flour

·             400g white Newlyn crab meat

·             2 tbsp yoghurt

·             1 jalapeno chilli, finely chopped

·             1 lime, juice

·             Salt and pepper

·             2 ripe avocados

·             1 clove of garlic

·             Splash of extra virgin olive oil

For the salsa

·             1 punnet San Marzano tomatoes, finely chopped

·             Bunch of spring onions, finely chopped

·             50g liliput (extra fine) capers

·             Bunch of coriander, finely chopped

·             10ml white wine vinegar

·             50 ml of extra virgin olive oil

1.         Mix the maseca flour with warm water to form pliable dough. Make tacos from the dough and fry each one until golden.

2.         Combine the crab meat, yoghurt and jalapeno together, then add the juice of half a lime, plus salt and pepper to taste.

3.         Blend together the avocados, garlic and the juice of half a lime until smooth.

4.         Make the salsa by mixing together the tomatoes, spring onions, capers, coriander, white wine vinegar and the extra virgin olive oil.

5.         Pile your filings into your taco and enjoy.

By Ben Prior

Featuring in Sharp’s Just Add Beer cookbook

Pairs with Sharp’s Offshore